Thursday, October 11, 2007


It's been a while, so it's time for everyone's favorite game - Update Our Mom's! All you need in order to play is a website that only your mom reads. Who's ready?

The picture has locked on The Paranormalists. Right now we are searching for a sound editor to create some magic with our haunted house. We are out to several accoplished friends and friends of friends, and it's our hope to have the picture wrapped by the end of October. I hope I didn't just jinx it. I asked Bryce if he had anything he'd like to share about Matches, but all I got was a finger.

I'll let you decide which one.

The Brain Trust here is hard at work on a few promising short projects, some of which might go into production within the next month. It is our hope that these flicks will be shorter then Matches and The Paranormalists and primarily live online, either here or on our myspace page. I'll be sure to update you on the status of these guys as soon as we get something committed to tape.

Lastly, but not leastly...leastly is that a...never mind...I am happy to report that we have been mentioned on a website that we didn't write. Yes that's right folks, if you follow this link, you will find yourself at the web home of friends of the family Chad, Matt, and Rob. Please check out their webpage and bask in the glory of the link they posted to our webpage.

1 comment:

Bryce said...

I did no such thing!! I believe it went down like this:
"Hey Matt can I leave an update with you to put up on the site about the stellar piece of filmmaking, MATCHES?"
"Hey Bryce sit on this"
Middle finger.
Yep that's how it happened.