Wednesday, October 24, 2007

For the Good and True

Celebrate, oh wanting masses. Here's a bone, a tid-bit if you will for all the folks who have been asking about The Paranormalists. This making-of featurette will be featured on the DVD for the short, but we thought we would toss it up here for those of you interested enough to check it out. So please, take a gander and let us know what you think.

Good news on the Matches front; after a spirited session last night with his sound designer, Bryce tells us that the picture is nearly finished.

And the people rejoiced.


Scott Barsotti said...

Pretty awesome that all at once, you guys will have two projects finished. Bravo and kudos. Looking forward to coming out and seeing everyone again.

Scott Barsotti said...

Featurette looks great too, by the way.

forehead said...

watched both of the films featurettes for the second time just now--very exciting. Looked to me like everyone was mixed with tension, anticipation, and good energy was flowing. Can't wait to be priveledged to see the outcome. hope it is soon. Dave