Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hello, Ciao, Hola, and γειάσου

We’ve been busy lately and that’s why we haven’t been so good about the updates. So get off my back mom, alright?

With Matches so close to done it hurts, we decided we needed a new project. Since the Lord of the Rings was already produced and it’s a little to soon to start talking about remaking it we had to come up with some of our own ideas. So we did that. This weekend we took those ideas and committed them to tape with the help of some close associates of TTW. Our thanks go out to Matt Bettinelli, Chester Maple, Liz Martinez-Nelson, Scott Towler, Maggie Reid, Adam Malinger, and Joe Patrow for helping us make the most of this very busy weekend.

We’ll be heading into post very soon with the material and hope to post the three finished sketches here and on our myspace site within the next few weeks.

A Birth...

We are happy to announce that we are now parents: Last night at 11:30, Bryce gave birth to a short film! After an extended labor the professionals welcomed the new arrival into the world with all the pomp and circumstance expected the harbringer of the apocalypse. At a petite 12 minutes, the proud parent decided to name the little guy Matches. We hope to have a little something to celebrate this joyus occation soon.

Congrats to Bryce; great job to the post production team!