Monday, August 20, 2007

Paranormalists Post Update

Greetings & salutations...

Post production continues on the Paranormalists. Right now, we are waiting for a new cut of the picture from editor Kyle Stewart. Despite being a superstitious guy in the best of circumstances, I have a very good feeling that we are nearing the end of the picture edit process. Kyle has done some amazing things so far and I can't wait to see the next assemblage.

Brian Giovanni, composer extraordinary, recently delivered the score for Matches and tells me that he is hard at work on the music for the Paranormalists. So far I've heard a "main theme" and the first draft of a theme for Chance and Ben and I've been impressed. Beyond music, my thoughts have been drifting to the sound effects we're going to need. Watching the footage time after time has only pounded home the importance of solid sound work to achieving the overall feeling we want for the finished film. I suppose that goes without saying, but it's very hard not to take for granted how important sound is to the tone and tenor of a film. In our case, the sound will hopefully make the house come to life, it will create an entity for the other actors to react to, to be afraid of, to curse and to...well you get the idea.

I understand that my revelations about sound and sound design are anything but; But as I sit here writing the post I'm taken with the sheer amount of space we have to fill and thought what better way to fill it then to harp about things that we all should know? More updates from my end as soon as they come in...


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