Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Paranormalists - Key Art

I hope to be able to post some artwork put together for the short by friend/artist Liz Martinez-Nelson. Liz was good enough to apply her great talents to creating a really cool painting for us featuring our two favorite ghost hunters. We are lucky to have her helping us out with this project. In addition to Liz's one sheet, there is a distinct possibility that we'll have another pair of options for posters...a true embarrassment of riches...hopefully that's it on the embarrassment front for now. As soon as the art is done, we'll throw it up. On the site.



Matt said...

Our two favorite ghost hunters......... Abbott and Costello?

Matt said...

By the by... "Man of Action, Man of Vision, Man of La Mancha"..... THIS is why I get along with you guys.....


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