Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dragon*Con Updates

Greetings All...

So some updates about Dragon*Con. First of all, we've be notified of what categories The Paranormalists and Booth Girls will be competing in. Not all that surprisingly, Chance and Ben are going head to head with a half dozen other horror shorts in the Horror Comedy contest. Formidable Woman, Queen Natalia, and the other lovely ladies of Booth Girls will be taking on a horde of competition in the Comedy category.

Updated information, along with screen shots from both movies can be found below, so check 'em out and if you know anyone in Atalanta, give them a call and get them over to Dragon*Con right quick.

The Paranormalists & Booth Girls at Dragon Con

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MeB said...

Special Congrats to the cast and crew of Booth Girls for placing in the Comedy shorts competition! That's awesome news!