Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Presenting: Booth Girls!

Tomorrow The World is proud to announce the completion of principal photography for our latest short project, Booth Girls. Written and directed by long time TtW collaborator Adam Mallinger, the story follows bright-eyed Emily during her first day of work as a booth girl at a comics convention. Throughout the day Emily is faced with crazed fans, leering weirdoes, power mad staff, and of course a cast of colorful spokes models all with their own unique take on working the convention floor.

The cast of Booth Girls includes Jen Nikolaisen, Courtnee Draper, Kelsey Crane, Gena Shaw, and Adam Wylie as Comic Con Staffer Wil.

Shot over two days, the production had its fair share of challenges from creating a unique look for each of the booth girls to building and staffing a busy pop culture convention floor. We owe a great deal of gratitude to a cast and crew that brought out their a-game and if the dailies are any indication (and one has to assume they are) we’ve got a great little movie in the making.

Booth Girls is unique in that we have a very specific end goal in mind – to premiere it at the San Diego Comic Con this July – a challenge in that all film submissions must be in by March 1st. The film is currently in the hands of editor Joe Patrow, and a rough cut should be delivered by the end of this week with sound and music to follow soon after.

Thanks to the fantastic cast and crew for making this an amazing experience and as always we invite you to check back often for updates and news about Booth Girls and our other ongoing projects.

Byce, Jon, and Matt

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